Quick Line Entry Screen on Quote and Orders

The Quick Line Entry screen is a new feature in GUMU that allows users to add multiple line items to an order or quote in a single window. Below is the functionality of the Quick Line Entry screen.

  • User Can view or find items by filtering the products as per product family.

  • Based on the Shipment Site selected at the Order Header level, the products will be displayed in the grid.

  • If the user tries to add an item that is not available at the selected Shipment site then an alert message will be displayed.

  • The user can edit the Quantity or Quoted price after adding the item and click on the Update button to save the changes and can delete the items with the help of the Delete button.

  • Can change the line item sequence with the help of Up (↑) and Down (↓) arrows.

  • Initially the pricing for the items will be loaded from the Sage CRM database and once the user is done with adding Line items, the user can then click on the Save & Close button. This will add line items to the order line item grid and the pricing for the items will be fetched on real time basis from Sage X3 and will be saved as per the selected currency.

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