GUMU™ for Salesforce - Sage ERP Integration

Greytrix offers a gamut of in-house developed GUMU™ Integration solutions for Salesforce with Sage X3 - Sage 300 - Sage 100 in order to streamlining enterprises front and back office operations.

GUMU™ connector delivers seamless, real-time, bi-directional integration that plays a pivotal role in unlocking the potential of enterprise data to make smarter and faster business decisions.

Users can Link / Unlink Customers from Salesforce to Sage X3 - Sage 100 - Sage 300. Sales reps can create orders and promote new customers on the go, through any smart devices capable of accessing This saves their time from creating orders manually in Sage X3 - Sage 100 - Sage 300 with order entry promotion feature. Plus, sales teams benefit from a real-time inventory count update by location to maintain proper inventory levels. Thereby optimizing your investments in Sage X3 - Sage 100 -Sage 300 and Salesforce.

Features of GUMU™ for Salesforce with

Sage X3 - Sage 300 Integration - Sage 100 Integration:

  • Data Sync

  • Authorization Control

  • Entity Synchronization

  • Preview Data Before Import

  • Linking/Unlinking Customers

  • Real-Time Inquiries with Flexibility to Configure

  • Easy to Promote

  • Standard Salesforce Opportunity

  • Portable Devices

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • Flexibility to Incorporate your Business Needs

  • Add-Ons for Other Entities

Greytrix offers Salesforce - Sage ERP Integration systems - a best of breed solution for organizations to enhance their customer interaction. With Salesforce Sage integration, you have actionable customer information. 24x7x365 accessibility provides a real edge to virtual workforces, enabling employees to work without being tied to their office desk, desktop or office servers. Instead, employees can resolve customer queries and contact prospects on-the-go and access real-time data on their personal portable devices such as mobiles or tablets. By delivering more actionable and frequent customer insights, employees can increase productivity, thereby optimizing the IT investments in Sage ERP and Salesforce cloud-based CRM.

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