Kit Item Functionality.

As we are aware of the kit functionality in Sage 100. The similar functionality we have implemented in our GUMU™ product. A brief idea of kit item, these items are nothing but a bunch of items clustered together and sold as one item. For e.g. XYZ company manufactures School Bags, Lunch Boxes, Umbrellas, and Rain Coats. Now for sale they can have two different kits, the KIT1 can contain School Bag, Lunch Box, and Umbrella and the KIT2 can consist of School Bag, Lunch Box, and Rain Coat.

On initial level this feature is disabled by default. User can enable this functionality by following below steps.

  • Login into Sage CRM.

  • Go to Administration-> Customization->Translation.

  • Search for caption Code as ‘EnableKitting’.

  • Select that Translation and change the US and UK translation from ‘N’ to ‘Y’.

  • Run the Refresh Metadata.

Once user done with above steps, Explode Kit button is visible against quote and order summary screen.

On the creation of Quote\Order in Sage CRM, if the user adds any Kit Item for that particular quote\order then the Explode Kits Item button will be visible. On click of this button, the child items will be added for that respective kit item. Also these items (i.e. kit item and its child items) will get promoted into Sage 100 with the help of the promote order functionality.

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