Sage 300c Shipment

shipments are synced from Sage 300c to Shopify

Navigation path to add Sage 300c Shipment in Sage 300c : Order Entry >O/E Transactions > Shipment Entry

• Order added in sage 300c from Shopify as a quote using that Quote ID create an order in sage 300c and Post that order

• Click on the Sage 300c Shipment process play button in the Integration Portal.

• After posting Order, Order ID will be generated in sage 300c by using that order ID create shipment and Ship the quantity whatever you want to ship and post that

GUMU™ Cloud Portal:

Sage 300c Shipment

Navigation path to check shipment in Shopify

• If you will ship all the products from sage 300c then order status will be Fulfilled in Shopify.

• If you do not ship all the product then Order Status will be Partially Fulfilled in Shopify.

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