Link Account

GUMU™ is a real time bi-directional integration link. Using GUMU™ user can import new customer from ERP to Salesforce. But consider in case if there is a Customer already exists in Salesforce, then you will have to link those existing customer before start bringing customer from ERP to Salesforce to avoid duplication. The link customer is one of the key features of GUMU™ integration where you can link the existing Salesforce Accounts with Sage 100 customers.

Once the Salesforce Accounts gets linked with Sage 100 Customers, you can see real-time inquiries (Customer Details, Sales Order, Invoice etc.) of that particular linked ERP customer in Salesforce. Also, user can create Sales order for that linked account and promote it to Sage 100 ERP.

Below are the steps to link the Salesforce Accounts with Sage 100 Customers-

  • Login to Salesforce organization.

  • Go to GUMU™ Settings App.

  • Click on Link Account module.

  • On clicking Link Account the Salesforce will display the page as shown in the Image below.

This screen provides you Filter Section area to filter the account list. The detail list of filter Section is given below.

Filter Section:



From Account Name

Here to provide From Account name of Salesforce (Start

Name character(s)) to get list of Salesforce Account.

To Account Name

Hereto provide To Account name of Salesforce(Ending Name

Character) to get list of Salesforce Account.


Specify configured ERP Integration to get the ERP Customer(s)

List and apply Auto Match functionality.

Link Matching Criteria

Select Link Matching Criteria for matching Salesforce Account

(s) With ERP Customer(s).

E.g. Customer Name

  • On clicking “GetList”, the list of accounts will be populated in the grid based on the Filter Section criteria if provided. See the image below.

  • Once list is populated then by clicking “Auto Match” button, it would automatically match the Salesforce accounts with selected Integration and matched ERP customer would be populated in the grid (ERP Customer column). See image below.

  • You can select ERP Customer manually by clicking Lookup icon as well. See image below.

  • By clicking Lookup icon it popup a window with matched ERP Customer. See Image below. Here user can search different customer(s) as well by using “Search” functionality.

  • On clicking popup screen grid “Customer Number” link it would appear on the main grid “ERP Customer Column”. See image below.

  • On clicking “Clear” button, the associated ERP Customer column then Link will be cleared.

  • Click on “Link” button to link selected ERP Customers with the Salesforce Accounts