Bulk Order Promotion

To streamline the process of transferring multiple orders from Sage CRM to Sage 100, we've introduced new functionality within the GUMU™ for Sage CRM-Sage 100 integration tool. We've added a new tab in the TEAM CRM section called 'Promote Order.'

With this feature, users can now easily promote multiple orders that are created for various companies simultaneously. These orders are typically those that haven't been transferred to Sage 100 yet. Users simply need to select the orders they wish to promote into Sage 100 by checking the corresponding checkboxes, and then click the 'Promote Order' button. With a single click, all the selected orders will be promptly transferred into Sage 100.

We've also implemented a similar tab for individual companies, offering the same functionality as described above. However, the key distinction here is that this tab will display a list of orders specific to the selected company. Users can follow the same process by selecting orders for that particular company, checking the desired checkboxes, and then clicking the 'Promote Order' button to transfer them to Sage 100.

NOTE: The above feature is accessible only when the SDATA functionality is enabled on both the Sage CRM and Sage 100 sides.

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