ERP User Mapping with Sage CRM User

User can map Sage CRM users with Sage 100 users. So that when a user promotes order/customer from CRM, in the Sage 100 the created by user should be set as the mapped user. For more info, kindly refer blog link.

To map Sage 100 users with Sage CRM users, please follow below steps:

  • Log in to Sage CRM.

  • Navigate to Administration -> Users -> Users

  • Select the user you want to map.

  • Click on Change button.

  • In the “More User Details” panel, enter User ID and password of Sage 100 user with which you want to map.

Note: If Sage CRM User is not mapped with any Sage 100 user, then by default it takes the Sage 100 user which is used for configuration.

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