Promoting new customers from Sage CRM to Sage X3

To promote a new Customer from Sage CRM to Sage X3.

  1. Create a new company in Sage CRM.

  2. Fill in all the details in the company summary screen along with the value in the Folder Name and Category field.

  3. Enter the Company details. The fields are described in the table below.

  4. Enter the below details into Contact Panel. This will be set as the customer’s default Contact.

  5. Enter details into below field for the address. This will be the customer’s Default address.

6. Enter details into the below fields of the Phone/Emof the Company the Company. Please note that this is the same Email address and phone number as the primary address.

7. Save the Customer details. This will create a customer in Sage CRM.

8. Once the customer is saved, on the Company Summary screen, the user can see Promote Customer Button.

9. Click on that Promote customer. Once the customer is promoted you will get a message that it is successfully promoted or else it will show an error message. The user can promote Customer can be promoted to Sage X3 in below two ways:

  • From Company Summary screen: In this case, all Customers will be promoted to X3 and will set all the default values for the customer as per the selected Category.

  • From the Business Partner screen: Alternatively, the user can navigate to the “Business Partner” tab and select the default values and then Promote that Customer to Sage X3.

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