Tickets to Sage Intacct GL

Tree Journals Import

  • This will import Treez Sales and refund report data (Ticket record) from Treez and will generate journal entries in Sage Intacct.

  • It will consider the last synchronized date and will pull Tickets records from Treez.

  • For testing purposes, the process/job can be manually executed instead of scheduling.

  • If the user does not wish to post entries in Sage Intacct, set the state to Draft. Users can verify and then post from Sage Intacct.

  • After entries are imported in Sage Intacct, the user can view the entries from the application.

  • The application allows users to edit the account no. , Location, Department, Item and process the batch again (only batch which got failed to process).

  • Validate action validates the entries and Process action attempts to post the entries.

  • If GL transaction failed due to account no., location, Department, and item, or any other reason, then you can see Validate and Process button, if the transaction is successfully Posted in GL you will not get the Validate and Process button.

  • Suppose for some reason the GL transaction fails then the user will go to the level of details and click on the validate button, then as per error we update or correct the fields on each of the entries where data is invalid.

  • Suppose Item is invalid or does not exist in Item Master then the user needs to add the item in the master and then click on the validate button. If the status is updated as a valid message then the line level is a valid entry.

  • When we click on the Process button then all details with the header are posted in GL standard object.

  • If the batch is successfully imported into the standard GL object then we update Journal Transaction No, View Transaction, and status fields in the header section.

    • Journal Transaction No – It’s nothing but GL batch no

    • View Transaction – It’s actual URL of GL batch details

    • Status-if batch is posted successfully then we update a status field with the success value.

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