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Before starting, please ensure the following pre-requisites are completed in Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

Sender ID Web service authorization

Why this is needed? Sender ID is a token used for web services call made by GUMU™ integrations, Sage Intacct provides this Sender ID to development partner to enable successful calling of web services from external application. This Sender ID needs to be authorized by the client in their Sage Intacct company which will be used in the integration.

Important Note: This is a mandatory Setting.

How it is done? Web services should be authorized in Sage Intacct for the integration to execute correctly, to achieve this follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Click on the link mentioned below

  2. Login into Sage Intacct Company using Company ID, User ID, Password.

3. Add Web Service Authorizations for Sender id – ajax How it is done? Navigation path - Company > Company Information > Security tab. Scroll down to the Web Services authorizations section set the following fields: a. Add Sender ID – ajax b. Status – Active.

4. Add web service authorization for Sender id – GreytrixMPP. Greytrix will provide this sender ID. User needs to provide access to this sender id in their company as it is an important part of the security rights for the integration. How it is done? Navigation path - Company > Company Information > Security tab. Scroll down to the Web Services authorizations section set the following fields. a. Add Sender ID – GreytrixMPP b. Status – Active.

Create Web service user

Why this is needed? Create a new web service user in Sage Intacct. This user will be used in the integration setting in GUMU configuration for making all Web service API calls in Sage Intacct.

Important Note: This is a mandatory Setting.

How to create a new web service user? Navigation Path - Company > Admin > Web Services users

Click on the New button, enter the details.

  1. User ID – xml_Integration

  2. User type – Business

  3. Admin privileges – Full

  4. Status - Active

GL Entity Mapping

When integrating Treez Ticket data into Sage Intacct, we map Treez product categories to GL Accounts in Sage Intacct. This configuration is set up on the GL Account Mappings screen.

Navigation for GL Account Mappings Screen : Journal Entries Imports --> GL Account Mappings --> GL Account Mappings

o add the mentioned data, just click on "New GL Account Mapping"

Bulk data can also be imported using Following Import template. You can input your data in the template format provided below and then import the file to bring in your data.

Each Field Description as follows:

Entity : Sage Intacct Entity ID

Source_GL : Product Category from Treez sales Ticket

Source_GL_Description : Treez sales Ticket discription (it is an optional field)

Target_GL : Sage Intacct GL Account ID

Target_GL_Description : Description of Sage Intacct GL Account (it is an optional field)

After entering all the data which have mentioned above go to following screen to import data.

File format should be always .CSV

After clicking on the Import button, you'll be directed to the following screen. Choose the file with the .csv format, select "Online" as the import mode, and then click on Next.

After clicking on Next button you will see below screen. Here, we need to set mappings as shown in below screen. After that if you want to save same mappings for future reference click on "save map" button.

After click on Save Map button below screen will appear, enter name of map and click on Save button.

After that click on import button on same screen as shown below

After click on import button following screen will appear and your data will be imported successfully in sage intacct.

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