Promote Sage CRM Person to Sage 100 as Contact.

A person in Sage CRM of Sage 100 type will be created as a contact in Sage 100. For detail field mapping for Sage CRM person and Sage 100 contact, refer the field mapping document. Here is how you can create a new Sage 100 contact from Sage CRM.

Note: You can find the Field Mapping Document in the GUMU™ for Sage CRM Server folder of GUMU™ installation directory.

  1. Select a linked company and go to People tab.

  2. Create a new person

  3. Set the person type to “Sage 100”.

  4. Enter all the details such as First Name, Last Name, phone number, email address etc.

  5. While entering the address details, if you wish to move the address in Sage 100 for that contact then set that address type as “Sage 100” or “Shipping”.

  6. Save the person record.

  7. If the person type was set as “Sage 100” then a new contact would be created for the customer in Sage 100.

  8. If the address type was set as “Sage 100” or “Shipping” then a new address would be created for the contact in Sage 100.

  9. If the person was set to be the default person in Sage CRM then the contact would be created as primary contact in Sage 100 else it would be treated as other contacts in Sage 100. Refer the below screen shot.

Note: Any updates to the fields that are mapped in the field mapping sheet would be referred in field mapping sheet. GUMU™ integration does not handle deletion from either system. (E.g. deleting a person from CRM will not delete that person from Sage 100 and vice-versa)

Also, regarding address types, for creating any address in Sage 100, please make sure you select “Sage 100” type for Primary address and for other/additional addresses it should be “Shipping” type.

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