Integration configuration details

​Fill integration configuration required for the integration to execute successfully.


Undeposited fund account

​Specify Undeposited fund account. 11800

Checking/saving account

Specify checking account. HNB-1076

Receipt detail account

​Specify account no for other receipts.

Offset account

Specify offset account for the revenue journal


Specify journal name. RVGJ, creation steps given in pre-requisite

Tax expense account

​Specify tax expense account for tax journal. 44130

Sales Tax payable account

​Specify tax payable account for tax journal. 24200

Report code

​Specify report codes (

720 Journal Account Details

720 Journal Account - Tax Breakdown

Report Start Date

​Specify start date parameter to execute the reports (

Report End date

Specify end date parameter to execute the reports (


Specify the location dimension. For e.g. Here we are selecting entity 10.


Specify the department dimension, , creation steps given in pre-requisite


Draft or Posted. Specify the stage of journal entries posted in Sage Intacct.

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