4. Country Code Setting

  1. State Settings:

Enter only those States in CRM that are present in Sage X3.

2. Country Code setting:

While adding an address, or updating an address in CRM that needs to be promoted in Sage X3. Please note that the country selected in CRM should have a code that matches the country in Sage X3. Refer to the below screenshot.

For setting up the code in CRM, follow the below steps

a. Go to Administration –> Customization -> Address.

b. In the Fields Tab, click on the selection field for the Country field.

c. Select a country. Its translation and code will be populated on the right-hand side column. Refer to the below image.

d. Since you cannot edit an existing translation, you will have to delete the existing Country code and create a new one. Click on the Delete button. The country that you have selected will no longer be listed.

e. Now create a new country name by adding the code and translation. Here you need to be sure that the country code specified matches the one specified in Sage X3.

f. Click on Add to add the country to the list.

g. Then, under the Selection Properties, select the required Country and accordingly change the code so as to match the Country as in Sage X3. Refer to the above screenshot.

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