Import Customers from Sage Intacct to Sage CRM

User can import all the customers from the Sage Intacct to Sage CRM.

For importing customers from Sage Intacct:

  • Go to Sage CRM Administration menu Click on Sage Intacct Import Customers button. It will navigate you to Import Customer page.

  • Select Sage Intacct Company Name from which you want to import customers into Sage CRM.

  • There are 2 import criterias which user can use while importing customers from Sage Intacct to Sage CRM.Please refer below screenshot.

  1. Last Updated Since: Using this criteria, user can import customers on the basis of last updated date of particular customer. User can select particular date from field and can sync customers updated/inserted after selected date.

  2. Customer Number: User can also synch customers by specifying particular range of customer numbers in From and To field.

Note: - If user do not enter anything in the date field or FROM and TO field and clicks on Sync Button, GUMU™ just synch all customers from the Sage Intacct system to Sage CRM. While synching customers into Sage CRM, GUMU™ first check for existence of customer in CRM using Customer ID, Record Number and Company Name combination. If it does not exist, GUMU™ inserts corresponding customer into Sage CRM and if it is already exist then it updates the customer info into Sage CRM. While synching customer information, GUMU™ also sync's primary address and primary contact for each customer.

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