Use Case

In case if Sales Invoice or Sales Credit Memo is further updated; corresponding Avalara transactions will be adjusted and the recalculated Tax will be back updated in Sage Intacct.

For instance,

  • Add Sales Invoice with 1 line Item in Sage Intacct and post it. After posting synced Sales Invoice will be added in Avalara, then the calculated Tax from Avalara will be back updated in Sage Intacct.

  • Edit the above added Invoice and add one more Line Item or edit the existing line item.

  • Click on Post button. It will again synchronize to Avalara and Tax will be recalculated which will be back updated in Sage Intacct.

Deleting Sales transactions from Sage Intacct that are already synced cannot be erased in Avalara through this Integration process. Instead, User would need to manually delete the corresponding transactions from Avalara as and if needed.

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