Registration process

If you do not have an account, then register new using the below steps.

Steps to register a new user.

  • Enter Username (Rule - Username must be minimum 6 characters)

  • Enter First Name, Last Name

  • Enter an Email address, Phone Number

  • Create Password, Repeat Password (Rule - Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and should contain at least one small alphabet, one capital alphabet, one number, and one special symbol.)

  • Enter Company Name.

  • Select Connectors. (This drop-down is the list of all connector currently supported by GUMU™, the user will select the connector required for integration)

Important Note: The User will be able to select multiple connectors in a single registration.

  • Click on Terms and Conditions to understand the privacy policy of a company.

  • Then click the checkbox to agree on those conditions.

  • If all data entered is valid then the Register button will enable and click to register the user.

  • On this page, click on Log in to redirect to the login page or click on Back to Website for the home page.‌

Important Note: All fields are mandatory in the Registration process.

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