GUMU™ Portal User

Registered User

Connectors Subscription

All the connectors in the portal are available in the Connectors section. In this section, the user can subscribe multiple connector. User need to click on the subscribe button as shown below:


Once user successfully Logs in GUMU™ account, you will see a Dashboard page as shown below:

The Dashboard screen consists User Profile, summary information about number of Integration subscribed, Process available in all integration subscribed, Schedule processed and Logs.

The Total Sync is a graphical view of the data sync in various integration subscribed.


The Integration tab has the list of all connectors subscribed by the user during registration as shown below.

To able to use the connector, user needs to configure the connector. Give the default plugin details, source and target plugin connection details in order to use to connector.

Configuration of GUMU™ Integration connector:

Subscription switch

Click on View More to go in details of the connector.

Header Section

Integrating Systems

In this section, user will define the connection setting for each system which will be used by the integration to communicate with the system. GUMU™ connectors are built to use the API of the source and target system so that the GUMU™ framework ensures that it communicates only with the business layer and maintain sanity of the systems.

Here, we have given example of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Sage 100 integration, similar setting will be available for each of the connector subscribed.

Connection information

You need to enter valid connection information such as Webservice URL, Endpoint Type, User, Password and CompanyID etc, then click on Test Connection button to verify Connection details specified.

Important Note: Here please note depending upon the connector subscribed the connection information parameters required will change.


This section states the various process available in the connector subscribed, the data integration is controlled using action buttons. The processes and its description along with the status of the process can be viewed in the screen as shown below.

Show Entries

Search functionality for quick search of the processes by keys you provide in search box.

Start Action

Stop Action

Schedule Action

Daily (Once)

Click on ‘Choose OccursAt’ this will show a clock to set a time for schedule. Once the time is selected, click ok.

Then click Submit Button to save the schedule. It will popup message as follows.

Daily (Every)

On Click of Daily (Every) user will be able to set ‘Occurs Every (Hours)’. In this textbox user needs to provide time frequency for executing process in the given start time and end time. Click on choose StartTime and choose EndTime will show clock then we select time to set schedule and click Ok.

Then Click on Submit to save Schedule then Popup for success message appears.


When user click on Weekly select Days of week and choose time by clicking on ‘Choose OccursAt’. It will show Clock to set time click Ok.

Then click on Submit button to save schedule.


If you click on Monthly set Time by clicking on ‘Choose OccursAt’. It will show Clock select Time and Press Ok.

Click on Submit Button to Save Schedule.

Process task

Control Process


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