Why this is needed?

On GUMU™ cloud portal, Shopify is act as a Target as well as source.

Steps to login Shopify:

1. Click on link mentioned below:

2. Login

For configuration of the store:

Navigation path: Shopify > Go to Apps > Click on Manage private apps

a) Click on Enable private app development

b) Check all the checkbox and Click on Enable private app development as shown in below image

c) Enter the private app name and emergency developer email.

d) Select all of the Admin API permissions and assign access as shown in below images.

e) Select the latest version of API and check all the Storefront API permissions. Click on Save

Note: Once App created successfully, Go to Apps > Click on Manage private apps > Click on the private app name.

The highlighted fields (Web service Url, Store Name, API version, API password, and API key) are used while configuring the Shopify Connection information in the integration configuration on the Gumu portal.

For configuration of Shopify, go to settings:

General: All the information is filled while creating the Shopify Account.

Location: Shopify Location name should be same as given in the Acumatica Warehouse i.e. Combine the (Warehouse ID - Name) as shown in the below image. You can add more than one location.

Acumatica Location (Warehouse) - Navigation path: Inventory -> Warehouses

3. Taxes: Shopify will calculate its own tax according to the State selection. Selection of State and Sales tax id should be same in both Acumatica and Shopify.

Shopify Tax Setting:

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