Sage 100

For the Integration, we need Sage 100 Sage SData installed web service ; so that we can configure it on your Sandbox . Here-with we have provided the SData installation guide link as well as the Sample web service in below.

SData Installation Guide Video :

For security, you can install SSL certificate and whitelist below IP to your firewall:

  • We would require SData Web-service URL to be mapped to a domain or a sub-domain in order to be accessible over the web. The domain or sub-domain would be connected/mapped using SSL (for secured connection) to the port of a system which connects to the Sage 100 ERP SData Web-service URL. [https://%3c%3cDOMAIN]https://<>/SData/MasApp/MasContract/ABX/AR_Customer (Where ABX = your Sage company code)]

  • The IT team needs to have an internet domain (or sub-domain) name that will point to the specific port (443) of SData on the system.

  • SSL Certificate should be installed for the domain (or sub-domain) for making the connection secure. It should not self-signed and should be signed and installed from a valid third party vendor

  • Greytrix IP need to be white list :-

  1. Login into Sage 100 using User ID and Password.

  2. Select company: Click on company name from left side of the screen > Click on search icon

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