Promote Sage CRM Address to Sage 100 Address

In order to create an address for vendor or contact you need to go to the address screen for company or person.

  1. While creating a new address in Sage CRM, set the address type to Sage 100/Shipping if that address needs to be promoted to Sage 100.

  2. Enter all the address details and address name.

  3. The country code in Sage CRM and Sage 100 should be same.

  4. Save the address in Sage CRM.


  • Before creating a new address in Sage CRM and promoting it to Sage 100 you need to modify the country values in either system to make sure that the country code matches (Refer Installation & Configuration Guide). If a user enters the Country which is not present in Sage 100, then Default Country (i.e. USA) will be set in Sage 100.

  • If the address created is set as Default address in CRM

  • If the Address type of the Address is set to Sage 100 along with the “Set as default address for Company/Person checkbox” is checked then this address will get promoted to Sage 100 as Primary address for that particular company/Person

  • Else if you just set the address type as Sage 100 or Shipping then this address will get promoted as other address in Sage 100

  • If the address is linked to a Sage CRM person then once the address is promoted in Sage 100 then the contact will be assigned to the address. Refer the below image.

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