Currency setting in Sage CRM

Before Importing Products, make sure that Currency in Sage CRM and Sage 100 matches. For example, if the Base Currency is $ (USD). Sage CRM has ‘$’ symbol, while Sage 100 has ‘USD’. Hence the Currency symbol must be changed to ‘USD’ in Sage CRM.

For setting up currency in Sage CRM, follow the below steps

Go to Administration->Data management->Currency configuration

  • For example, if the Base Currency is $ (USD), change it to some other Currency.

  • Then go to Administration->Data management->Currency. You will find the currency ‘$’ in the list as shown below

  • Click on the ‘US Dollar’, you find the following

  • Change the symbol ‘$’ to the symbol present in Sage 100 (‘USD’) for US Dollar and save the changes.

  • And then change the Base Currency again to the USD (US Dollar)

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