Chapter 3: Working with Orders

To promote an order from Sage CRM to Sage Intacct:

  1. Select Customer for which you want to create order.

  2. Click on New Order for that customer. While creating a new order default values such for the Bill to, Ship to and Payment Terms values against the selected customer are fetched on real time basis from Sage Intacct.

  3. Save the order header information.

  4. Click on the Add New Line Item button to add the line item.

  5. User can search for an item using the product lookup field and select the same.

  6. Alternatively the user can click on the Sage Intacct Lookup link to select line item. This page displays information such as quantity on hand, quantity on hold, etc. on real time basis directly from the Sage Intacct.

  7. Once line item is selected, it will load price of that product as per the price list selected on the Sage Intacct Configuration in Sage CRM.

  8. Once line item is added, user will be able to see Promote button in action menu button list.

  9. User can click on that button to promote that order from Sage CRM to Sage Intacct.

  10. Once order is promoted, user cannot edit that order from Sage CRM. User can then keep track on that promoted order from the Order Inquiry tab where it displys data on real time basis directly from Sage Intacct.

Multi-Currency Support

Sage CRM user can promote Sales Order from Sage CRM to Sage Intacct using different currencies. Please note that those currencies should be defined in Sage Intacct and Sage CRM. Once currencies are defined in both Sage CRM and Sage Intacct, admin user will have to import all the products using Import Product routine.

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