Unlink Account

One of the feature GUMU™ has introduce that user can remove linking between already linked Salesforce Account with the Sage 300 ERP customer.

This can be done if the user no longer wants to keep the relation between two Accounts/Customers or wants to break all transaction which works real-time. After unlinking, user will not be able to access real-time ERP data or create Sales order or carry out any other transaction.

To Unlink the Account, follow the below steps:

⦁ Click on GUMU Settings app from the App launcher.

⦁ Click on the “Unlink Account” module.

  • Click on the “Get List” button to get the linked “Accounts/Customers” list as shown in the below image.

  • The user can filter the Account name to find any specific account by entering the “From Account Name” and “To Account Name” fields as shown in below image.

  • Select the Account(s) from the list to break the linkage.

  • Finally, click on the “Unlink” button to remove the relationship between Sage 300 and Salesforce for Particular Customers.

In this way, the user can remove the link between Salesforce Account and Sage 300 Customer records.

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