GUMU™ Sage 100 Module Activation:

  • Login to Sage 100 Application.

  • Navigate to “Library Maintenance->Main->Company Maintenance” screen for the specified company (e.g. ABC).

  • Now open the “Library Master-> Utilities->Data File Display” screen and select “GT_Options” table file from “MAS_ABC\GTABC” folder.

  • Edit the “NewSystem$” column value of “GT_Options.M4T” table to "N" and click Ok.

Note: If Sage 100 is Premium edition then for changing Y to N, user will have to execute below SQL query,

select * from GT_Options

update GT Options set NewSystem = ‘N’

  • Now, navigate to the “Library Maintenance->Main->Role Maintenance” screen and assign the access to GUMU™ Module to desired roles.

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