YTD Sales Detail Tab

Another GUMU tab i.e. YTD Sales Details that display product wise sales of current year (Year To Date) as well as of last year (Last Year To Date).

The tab fulfills requirements,

  1. In YTD sales tab it displays all the items purchased by particular customer, item description. Along with this, it also displays columns with Dollar sold and Quantity sold of the current year as well as of the previous year.

  2. On YTD Sales Detail screen two fields such as filtered YTD total and filtered LYTD total are used to re-totals the filtered column data which appears when we search in the search box and i.e. of Sales YTD and Sales LYTD respectively.

  3. Also, it shows Total sales done for this customer till date in current year (YTD) as well as in the last year (LYTD) at the bottom of the Sales Details Tab. Refer the below screenshot

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