Chapter 2: GUMU™ Setup Installation

Installing GUMU™ Integration setup on Sage CRM server

  1. Download the GUMU™ integration setup for your Sage CRM and Sage 100 versions from our Website.

  2. This setup needs to be installed on Sage CRM server.

  3. Click on the setup and run the setup with “Run as Administrator” option on Sage CRM server.

4. Setup will be launch. Click on the NEXT button to proceed further.

5. Click on ‘Next’ button to accept the terms in License Agreement.

6. Select the Sage CRM Instance name from the list of available Sage CRM instance for which you want to install the GUMU™ Click NEXT.

7. The installation wizard brings you to the page where you need to provide information to connect to Sage 100 database. Here you need to specify the Sage 100 server installation directory where PROVIDEX.DDF is present. If Sage CRM and Sage 100 both are on different servers than user will have to enter UNC path (i.e. shared directory path of Sage 100 server installation).

8. This step would create a DSN (data source name) by the name GUMU™MAS90 on the system. GUMU™ will be using this DSN to read data to Sage 100. Click on the Next button to continue.

9. Enter the Sage CRM Server name, CRM SQL Database Name and CRM SQL Server Credentials. Also browse the path where you want keep Sage CRM database backup. This will take the backup of your Sage CRM Database at specified location if Sage CRM server and Sage CRM SQL server both are same.

10. During the installation, IIS needs to restart. Click on ‘Next’ button to proceed with IIS part and it will start automatically once installation gets finished.

11. Once IIS gets stopped, the GUMU™ Integration is ready to get installed on Sage CRM Server. Click on ‘Install’

12. Click on ‘Finish’ to exit the Setup wizard.

Note: - Please note that, this will install the Trial version of GUMU™ Sage CRM – Sage 100 integration. You will have to contact to Greytrix to get the license key for complete version of integration.

13. Once the GUMU™ installation is complete, the GUMU™ workstation installation would trigger. Refer the below image.

14. Select Next to continue.

15. Once the installation is done Click on ‘Close’ and ‘Finish’ button respectively.

Run ‘GUMU™ Workstation’ setup on Sage 100 server, when Sage 100 server is different from the Sage CRM server.

If Sage 100 is installed on the same machine as Sage CRM, then you do not have to run any more setup as the Sage CRM server Setup.exe has already installed the required files.

If Sage 100 is installed on a different machine than the Sage CRM server, then the GUMU™ workstation setup has to be installed on the Sage 100 server.

You can find the GUMU™ workstation setup file, ‘GUMU™ Workstation.exe’ in the C:\Program Files (x86)\GUMU™ Workstation folder. This installation process will not make any changes to the Sage 100 system but will only install the necessary files supported for Sage 100 to CRM integration.

Note: If client is using Standard version of Sage 100 then client will have to install GUMU™ Workstation setup on each Sage 100 workstation machine. For Advanced and Premium versions of Sage 100, client don’t need to install GUMU™ Workstation setup on each Sage 100 workstation machine.

Note: Refer point 13 – 15 in the GUMU™ for Sage CRM Server Setup explained above for the detailed installation steps of GUMU™ Workstation.

Note: It’s recommended that at this point ‘Refresh’ the Metadata.

  1. Now click on the Sage CRM Administration tab. You will have a new menu by the name Sage 100 Administration. See below image.

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