Promote Vendor from Sage CRM to Sage 100

Users can promote a company created in Sage CRM as a Vendor in Sage100.

Note: If users delete vendor type customer information from Sage CRM, the same can be viewed in Sage 100. Alternatively, if users delete vendor information in Sage 100, the same can be viewed in Sage CRM but all the details for that vendor type customer (invoice, orders) which were assigned for the Sage 100 will not be listed in Sage CRM as there will be no information available in Sage 100.

Below you can view the process of promoting a vendor type customer in detail.

For promoting Sage CRM Company as a Sage 100 vendor Sage CRM user will follow steps:

  • User will have to create company in Sage CRM with Sage 100 type “Vendor”. Please note that user have to select Sage 100 type as “Vendor” otherwise they will not be able to promote that Sage CRM company to Sage 100 as a vendor.

  • We will provide tab “Sage 100 Vendor” tab from where user can promote Sage CRM Company to Sage 100 as vendor.

In the Summary Screen, you can view the company details such as Company name, Customer Number and Company Code field as read only. Vendor Number needs to be entered and then you promote the Company.

Go to Sage 100 Vendor tab you will find details such as AR Division No, Vendor No, Terms Code, Tax Schedule. Once Sage CRM Company is promoted to Sage 100 as vendor then we will display Sage 100 vendor details on same tab i.e. on Sage 100 vendor.

NOTE: Please note that we will make the Sage 100 type field as read-only once Sage CRM Company promoted to Sage 100 as vendor. It will prevent data redundancy in Sage CRM and Sage 100.

After all the details are entered, click on the ‘Promote Vendor’ Button. See the below screen shot.

On click, it gets promoted to Sage 100 as a Vendor and any changes will be on a real time basis.

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