Synchronize Dropdowns

This section explains the process of bringing the drop down information that is available in Sage 100 into the Sage CRM system which is needed while promoting orders to Sage 100.

Go to Sage 100 Administration -> Synchronize Dropdowns option.

Note: These options are fetched automatically while creating order from within Sage CRM.

From the above screen, you will be able to view the list of some drop downs that are available in Sage 100 and is necessary to view as well as write information pertaining to customers, orders, invoices into the Sage 100 system from the Sage CRM screen.

Select all the dropdowns and Click on the Sync option on the right hand side of the screen. On clicking the sync option the program will start the synchronizing of data from Sage 100

On clicking the continue option, the process will begin and all the options that have been listed in the preview panel of the above screen will be placed in the Sage CRM system for facilitation of the integration with the AR module of Sage CRM.

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