Streamline Order Promotion using Sage 100 Sdata

In today's increasingly interconnected business environment, ensuring smooth data exchange between Sage CRM and Sage 100 apps is critical for effective operations. While Sage CRM and Sage 100 are hosted on separate servers, performance issues might occur during order promotion or while retrieving real-time pricing for items. In order to address this, we have leveraged the functionality of Sage 100's sdata. This functionality is specifically employed on the order promotion screen to establish default values on the header screen, calculate taxes based on the selected tax schedule, synchronize real-time pricing with items, and facilitate the order promotion feature.

To accomplish Sdata connectivity in Sage CRM - Sage 100 GUMU™ integration for order promotion, users must ensure that the Sdata is operational from Sage 100. Following that, from the Sage CRM side, the user must enable Sdata and save the Sage 100 Sdata URL in the relevant Sage CRM translations, as seen in the screenshots below.

A new Sdata Configuration panel will be launched on the configuration screen after the Sdata has been activated. To access it, go to Administration > Sage 100 Administration > Configuration. Users must configure sales tax reporting and salesperson commission reporting values in a manner similar to that of the Sage 100's side. While setting the default values on the order header screen and performing tax calculations, these values are taken into consideration.

Users may now create orders and promote them into Sage 100 without experiencing delays.

NOTE: Enabling Sdata disables Credit limit and Credit on Hold checks on the Sage CRM order screen.

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