Registration process

  1. Enter First Name, Last Name

  2. Enter Email address, Company Name and Phone Number

  3. Create Password, Repeat Password Important Note: Password must be minimum 8 character and should contain at least one small alphabet, one capital alphabet, one number and one special symbol.

  4. Click on Terms to understand the privacy policy of a company

  5. Tick the checkbox to agree those conditions

  6. If all data entered is valid then Register button will enable and click the same to register the user

7. Select ‘I ACCEPT’ or ‘I DECLINE’ on the ‘Terms of Use’ page

8. On accepting the terms, a verification mail will be sent to the registered email id.

9. Go to the registered email and click on the verify link to activate your account

10. Click to proceed as shown below:

11. On this page, click on BACK TO LOGIN to redirect to login page Important Note: All fields are mandatory in the Registration process.

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