Import Product information from Sage Intacct to CRM

Users can import all the products from the Sage Intacct to Sage CRM.

For importing products from Sage Intacct to CRM:-

  • Go to Sage CRM Administration menu.

  • Click on Sage Intacct Import Product button. It will navigate you to the Import Product page.

  • Select Sage Intacct Company from which you want to import products.

  • There are 2 import criteria that user can use while importing Products from Sage Intacct to Sage CRM.

  1. Last Updated Since: - Using this criteria, user can import products on the basis of last updated date of particular products. User can select particular date from field and can sync products updated/inserted after selected date.

  2. Product ID: - User can also synch products by specifying particular range of products ID’s in From and To field.

Note: - If user does not enter anything in the any fields and clicks on Sync Button, it will synch all products from the Sage Intacct systems to Sage CRM. While synching products into Sage CRM, GUMU™ first check for existence of product in CRM using Product ID and Company Code combination. If it does not exist, GUMU™ inserts corresponding product into CRM and if it already exist then it updates the product info into CRM.

While importing product information, it also synch the product category, base pricing and UOM information. GUMU™ by default synch all the product information under INTACCTPRICING pricing list and INTACCTUOM UOM category.

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