Sage 100

For the Integration, we need Sage 100 Sage SData installed web service so that we can configure the integration on your Sandbox. Sage 100 SDATA URL should be accessible publicly with a domain name.

For security, you can install SSL certificate and whitelist below IP to your firewall:

  • We would require SData Web-service URL to be mapped to a domain or a sub-domain in order to be accessible over the web. The domain or sub-domain would be connected/mapped using SSL (for secured connection) to the port of a system, which connects to the Sage 100 ERP SData Web-service URL. HTTPS://<<DOMAIN NAME>>/SData/MasApp/MasContract/ABX/AR_Customer (Where ABX = your Sage company code)

  • The IT team needs to have an internet domain (or sub-domain) name that will point to the specific port (443) of SData on the system

  • SSL Certificate should be installed for the domain (or sub-domain) for making the connection secure. It should not be self-signed and should be signed and installed from a valid third party vendor

  • Geriatrics IP needs to be whitelisted:

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