Send Digital Check to vendor

Digital checks are emailed to vendor. Ensure that email address specified in the vendor pay-to contact.

Set check send preference on vendor as Digital Checks. If this preference is not select then by default Digital Check will be generated.

On Pay Bills screen, select Payment Method as Record Transfer, set Send to Checkbook to Send and post the payment.

The newly created payment can be tracked on Checkbook Payment screen.

If payment approval is enabled, then payment will be send to Checkbook only after its approval. As in given example; payment is posted in Sage Intacct and it has still not be send to Checkbook. Note, fields check number, status are blank.

The payment will sync with Checkbook at desired interval or it can be manually sync by clicking on Send to Checkbook button.

Click Refresh to update the result grid.

The payment will be transmitted to Checkbook. It will process and will send the digital check to recipient at specified email address. Recipient receives digital check which includes option to deposit and along with the check, remittance details is also attached.

Once the check is processed at Checkbook, status can be track from Checkbook Payment screen in Sage Intacct

    • Check number is assigned

    • Status is Unpaid. This will further change as recipients take further action.

    • Using Url, check image can be downloaded.

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