Sage 300c

Setting up GUMU Extension for sage 300c integration

The Sage 300c Web API presents certain limitations, with few key endpoints missing, notably the capability to retrieve detailed Product Inventory quantities. Understanding this, the GUMU™ integration introduces a utility designed to bridge this data retrieval need, as the API does not offer a direct solution. The GUMU extension utility is tailored to seamlessly integrate updated inventory quantity information from Sage 300 to Shopify. Follow the steps below for a smooth setup on the Sage 300 server.

1. A file will be provided. Administrator must copy this file in following path on the Sage 300 workstation


2. Open Internet Information Service (IIS) to initiate the configuration process. Navigate to Application Pools and create a new Application Pool named "GUMUExtension" by right-clicking.

4. Select The GUMUExtension App pool and click on Advanced settings.

Set Enable 32-bit Application to True Set Identity to ApplicationPoolIdentity

  1. Expand the Sites folder.

  1. Right Click on Default Website and choose Add Application option.

  1. Fill the options listed below.

Alias: GUMUExtension

Application Pool : GUMUExtension

Physical Path : C:\inetpub\wwwroot\GUMUExtension

  1. Click Ok.

  2. Navigate to below path on server. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\GUMUExtension Under this folder find GUMUUtility application and run this application as administrator.

  3. Configure below details : Sage 300 SQL Server Name : SQL User Name : SQL Password : Database :

Once these details are entered, they are automatically encrypted and saved in the configuration file. It's important to note that these specifics are necessary for the extension to establish a connection with the Sage 300 database and retrieve updated product inventory quantities, especially considering that the Sage 300 Web API is not exposed for this purpose.

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