Integration configuration

Use GUMU™ cloud portal to setup the integration. Provide credentials for both connectors i.e.; Shopify and Sage 300c. In addition, setup desired execution schedules.

Access GUMU™ portal using registered account and confirmed by Greytrix.

Note: For testing purpose, integration is available on staging environment with a different address.

Provide the credentials for added Integration connectors. Depending upon testing/production environment, apply system credentials here.​

Fill integration configuration required for the integration to execute successfully.


​Customer Prefix Name

​Enter Default Customer Prefix Name to use as sage 300c customer prefix name

​Customer Next Number

Enter default Customer Next Number to use as sage 300c Customer Next Number

Customer No

Enter default Customer Next Number to use as sage 300cCustomer Number


​Enter Misc. Product

Default sales person no

​Enter default salesperson number to use as sage 300c sales person number

Tax groups

The ​Enter tax group code to use as sage 300c tax group

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