Integration configuration

Use GUMU™ cloud portal to setup the integration. Provide credentials for both connectors i.e.; Magento and Sage 300. In addition, setup desired execution schedules.

Access GUMU™ portal using registered account and confirmed by Greytrix.

Note: For testing purpose, integration is available on staging environment with a different address.

Provide the credentials for added Integration connectors. Depending upon testing/production environment, apply system credentials here.​

Fill integration configuration required for the integration to execute successfully.

Connector Name

Enter connector name as per your choice

Default Miscellaneous Charges

Enter Default Miscellaneous charges

Default Tax Group

Enter Default Tax Group

​Term Code

​Enter Default Term Code

​Send Customer activation e-mail

​Magento provide facility to send mail to customer email id.

​Or use this customer / use this for Guest accounts:

Specify default customer so that this customer will attach to orders with blank customer.

Customer Next No

Specify customer next no


Enter your Timezone

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