GUMU™ Customizer

Using GUMU Customizer Sage CRM administrators can create their own dynamic Inquiry screens, and add/remove fields in the new inquiry screens as per their requirements. Also, they can select the context/Entity, under which they want to display a new inquiry tab. For creating the Inquiry screen, the user will need to have Basic knowledge of Sage X3 web services. Or else Sage CRM Administrator can work with the Sage X3 administrator to accomplish this.

Below are the pre-requisites for Customizer:

  • Web service objects/Subprograms required for creating an inquiry must be first created in Sage X3.

  • Sync all the Web services objects and subprogram lists using the sync dropdown feature.

For creating a new inquiry user needs to follow the below steps.

  1. The first user needs to create a List of Pages with a filter screen (If required ).

  2. Then on click of the Quote number hyperlink, it should display Quote details of a particular Quote.

    • Go to Administration -> Sage X3 –> GUMU Customizer à Click New Button

  • Enter values in the Inquiry Header fields and click on the save button. Below are the fields and their description:

  • After saving the Inquiry header, the details screen will be displayed. Using this detail screen users can design their Inquiry page as per their requirements.

Below are the fields and their description:

Below is an example of the Inquiry screen created using Customizer:

Below is an example of creating a Quote inquiry page using GUMU Customizer. As per this example, we will be creating an inquiry screen that will have -

a) List of all the Quotes from Sage X3.

b) Hyperlink on Quote number column to view all the details for a Quote on click of it.

For this, please follow the below steps.

a) Go to Administration -> Sage X3 –> GUMU Customizer.

b) Click on the Button. You will navigate to the below screen. Fill details below:

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