GUMU™ Cloud Configuration

Provide following values on integration configuration.

Specify integration configuration details.




Enter Journal code where the GL transactions are to be imported.

Posting mode

Select posting mode using dropdown.

Time zone

Select your time zone.

FTP Export Folder

Specify the folder on FTP/SFTP from where Blackline will interface the Masters file.

Backup Folder

Archive directory on FTP/SFTP where files will be moved after importing.

Note: File paths of the SFTP folder are different for Sandbox and Production. For e.g. the folder wherein the CSV files from Blackline will loaded would be:

• SandBox: ‘/SB/Journals/BLToClient’ • Production: ‘/Prod/Journals/BLToClient’ • Specify connection details for Sage Intacct



Web service URL

Sage Intacct Web Service endpoint Url. This is fixed URL copy the below URL and paste in your configuration. (


​Enter your Sage Intacct Company ID


Enter your Sage Intacct Entity ID. In case of multi-entity environment; it will point to top level i.e.; 0

Sender User ID/Password

Enter your Sage Intacct Sender User ID and Password

User ID and Password

Preferably, web service user. Setup web service user in Sage Intacct and provide permission as specified in Point ‘2.1’ of this document.

• Specify connection details for Blackline SFTP




Provide FTP/SFTP Url

FTP Directory

Directory where files will be loaded for importing

FTP Type


FTP Port

Port number for FTP/SFTP

User Id/Password

User Id and Password

• Setup Schedules in GUMUTM portal to synchronize the data at desired interval. • The Synchronization tab has of list different Processes. Each process can be scheduled individually.



Synchronize Master Data From Sage Intacct To Flat File

Sync Master data such as GL Accounts, Departments, Locations, Classes, Customers and Vendors from Sage Intacct to Blackline SFTP.

Synchronize JE From CSV To Sage Intacct

Sync JE transactions from Blackline SFTP in CSV formats into Sage Intacct

Synchronize JE Status From Sage Intacct To Flat File

Sync the above Journal status from Sage Intacct into Blackline SFTP

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