Chapter 3: Register GUMU™ License

Registering GUMU™ License

To register your GUMU™ Integration you need to provide Greytrix with the Sage CRM Server name and Sage CRM license key and accordingly based on this information they will generate and email you back the full version GUMU™ License Key.

Once you have the GUMU™ License Key you can register our GUMU™ integration by navigating to start Menu >> All programs >> Greytrix Folder>>RegisterGUMU™. Run this RegisterGUMU™ as administrator. It will pop-up you the below screen.

  1. CRM Server Name: You need to enter the CRM Server name where the Sage CRM is installed.

  2. CRM License Key: You need to enter the CRM License Key you got from Sage.

  3. GUMU™ License Key: GUMU™ License Key (Case Sensitive) is generated based on the CRM server name and CRM License Key, which will be sent by Greytrix.

Once you have the key, fill in and Click on Register to Register the GUMU™ License.

Note: If GUMU™ is not registered it will run in Trial Mode where you will be able to import only 5 customers/items.

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