5. Currency Setting

Please make sure that the Currency in Sage CRM and Sage X3 match. For example, if the Base Currency is $(USD). Sage CRM has a ‘$’ symbol, while ERP has ‘USD’. Hence the Currency symbol must be changed to ‘USD’ in Sage CRM.

  1. Go to Administration->Data management->Currency configuration.

  2. If the Base Currency is $(USD), change it to some other currency.

  3. Go to Administration->Data Management->Currency. You will find the currency ‘$’ in the list as shown below

  4. Click on the ‘US Dollar’, and you find the following

  5. Change its symbol from $ to USD.

  6. Again Go to Administration->Data Management->Currency configuration and change the base currency to “USD”.

• Other Requirements: -

  1. A dedicated Admin-level Sage CRM User with access to Sage CRM Web services and external login access.

  2. A dedicated Sage X3 User with web service access.

  3. A Sage X3 Web service Pool: - Require Sage X3 web service pool which will be used by Sage CRM for connection with Sage X3.

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