Entity Setting

a) Login to Salesforce Org.

b) Go to “App Launcher” and Click on the GUMU Settings.

c) Click on the “Entity Setting” Menu.

  • Click on the “New Entity” button to create new entity.

  • New Entity-> Enter the respective information in the fields. Before entering the API Name check the API name in the SData schema it should exactly match with the existing API name in the Sage ERP 300.

  • Click on “Refresh fields” button to get schema details of ERP object and Save the schema. To confirm all the ERP source fields are generated, click on the detail tab.

  • Also, you can define a primary key for Entity by selecting fields from the list as shown in below screen.

  • If you want to assign a composite key (combination of more than one field as the primary key) to the entity, you can add multiple rows under the Primary Key tab.

  • If you happen to add a primary key by mistake, you can simply hit the “Delete” button to remove those Primary Key.

  • Once configuration is done click on “Save” button to save the entity.

And here you have your entity created and ready for integration. This entity can now be used in the Import routine for bringing the records into Salesforce from Sage 300 ERP.

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