UnLink Account

Unlinking Salesforce Accounts with Sage 100 using GUMU™

This content is regarding one of the features of our GUMU™ integration product wherein the user can remove an already linked account of Salesforce and a Sage ERP Customer record. This can be done if the user no longer wants to keep the relation between two Accounts / Customers or wants to break the transactions, which works, real-time. After unlinking, the user will not be able to access real-time ERP data or create a Sales order or carry out any other transaction.

To Unlink, please follow the below steps:

  • Log in to your Salesforce Org.

  • Go to the “GUMU Settings” app.

  • Click on the “Unlink Account” module.

  • On clicking Unlink Customers icon or link you will be redirected to Unlink Customer

This screen provides you Filter Section area to get account list based on the filter criteria. The detail list of filter Section as below.

Filter Section




Specify configured ERP Integration to get the Salesforce

Account list related to integration.

From Account Name

Here to provide From Account name of Salesforce (Start

Name character(s)) to get list of Salesforce Account.

To Account Name

Hereto provide To Account name of Salesforce(Ending Name

Character) to get list of Salesforce Account.

  • On clicking “Get List” button, the list of linked accounts will be populated in the gird.

  • User can simply select the check box from the grid which accounts they want to unlink and also there is feature to select all the listed accounts from the grid by clicking on the Header row checkbox. On clicking “Unlink” button the selected Accounts are unlinked from ERP Customer.